Workshop: „CBAM – how to prepare a report?“

December 18th,  20th and 25th  2023 | CCIS Belgrade

During the month of December, as part of RBH activities, we created and launched the workshop ˝CBAM - how to prepare a report?, which practically helps companies to learn how to prepare a CBAM report for their products themselves.

CBAM is a new regulation that applies to all companies that have customers on the European Union market and is a system for monitoring the carbon footprint that was created during the production of products at installations outside the European Union that are sold on the EU market.

The first three workshops were a pilot project and were free-of-charge for participants.

In January 2024, these workshops began to be held in a commercial form. 5 workshops have been held so far in Serbia, attended by over 120 participants.

The requirements that the CBAM regulations brought to companies outside the European Union are also important to companies in the Balkan region, so we achieved regional cooperation and held a workshop in Banja Luka BIH in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Srpska for 20 of their companies.