Training for service providers
(RBH and Ernst & Young d.o.o )

October 30, 2023. | Beograd

Companies in Serbia that export to the German market and are in the supply chains of German companies, according to the new Law on Due Diligence in Supply Chains (LkSG) have certain obligations, and therefore they will need additional help and support in order to meet all expectations and conditions of their customers.

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce, through the activities of the Responsible Business Hub, tries to help domestic companies and answer questions regarding new regulations and requirements, however, in order for the performance of suppliers from Serbia to be at the best possible level, we leave expert advice to service providers who deal closely with specific areas.

On this occasion, we organized training for service providers, which the Responsible Business Hub offered free of charge in cooperation with the consulting firm Ernst & Young d.o.o., on October 30, 2023, in Belgrade. The training was preceded by an open call for all companies and individuals who offer consulting in the field of human rights protection, workers' rights and protection, environmental protection, risk management, sustainable business, and chemical management. Our goal was to bring together individuals and companies who can help companies to prepare quality sustainable business strategies and to strengthen their supply chains and strengthen the resilience of companies that will enable them to achieve long-term sustainability based on values.