The two-day conference – InterConnect

A two-day InterConnect conference was held in Belgrade, where more than 150 representatives of companies from Serbia and the region had the opportunity to connect with renowned companies from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Poland and Sweden, which operate in the metal, metal processing, machinery, rubber and industry. plastic.

At the meeting, in direct business discussions, representatives of large, medium and small companies from Serbia and the region could meet representatives of 17 global companies that are looking for partners in the supply chain, including Thyssenkrupp Automotive, Roche Diagnostic, DBW, EAO, SAG Tubi, Skylotec and Plast-Met, announced the agency Beta.

The President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS) Marko Čadež said that he expects "a lot of concluded contracts" from the conference.

"The European companies that are present at the conference have a total turnover of more than 30 billion euros. These are serious buyers," said Čadež.

He pointed out that the most important thing for domestic companies is to be able to enter international supply chains.

"The rules adopted within the EU and Germany, such as the Law on Suppliers, put new challenges before companies, new standards that need to be adopted, and that's why we started the Responsible Business club within PKS and trained people to help businessmen meet the conditions that are asked of them", said Čadež.

After the introductory speeches, and before the business meetings, the participants had the opportunity to learn more about the German Supply Chain Act, as well as about sustainability and the most current business challenges facing the global economy, as well as to learn about the activities of the Responsible Business Hub, which was launched Chamber of Commerce of Serbia.

The InterConnect conference is organized by PKS and the company Convestenics, with the support of the "Big Small Economy" project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and implemented by the organization ACDI/VOCA.