Sustainable business and sources of green financing

October 11, 2023 | Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia | Belgrade

The financing of "green companies" has been growing significantly in recent years, which indicates that the awareness of sustainable business and finding environmentally sustainable solutions is no longer a trend, but a real need and the direction in which our society is developing. As part of the conference  "Sustainable business and sources of green financing" which was held in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia on October 11, 2023, the attendees had the opportunity to find out which financing programs with "green" (ESG) criteria are currently available, how to get equal criteria for evaluating ESG requirements at financial institutions, as well as how important it is for the development of each company to employ young people who are educated in the field of environmental protection.

The adoption and application of ESG standards represent a new chapter in the development of sustainable business, and ESG requirements have so far been a requirement multinational companies asked for in order to enter their supply chains, and today domestic companies are introducing these business principles independently.

Training staff on ESG topics is key to success in this process, therefore investing in young people and their education is extremely important. Hiring personnel who have profiled themselves for environmental protection is not always on the list of priorities of our employers, but it must be if the green agenda is followed.

Companies that follow and operate according to ESG principles achieve a better reputation, are more attractive to investors and thus attract more customers, are making long-term savings, and at the same time provide better living conditions for all of us.