Presentation of the Responsible Business Hub | Subotica

Subotica | May 31st, 2023 | 10 am | PKS-RPK Subotica | Narodnog fronta 10

The team of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia from the new service center Responsible Business Hub (RBH) and RPK Subotica in cooperation with RPK Kikinda and RPK Sombor, on May 31st  in the premises of RPK Subotica, held a presentation on the topic of the new German Law on Due Diligence in Supply Chains as well as overview of the activities of the new service center.

Together with the CCIS team, the presentation was held by a consultant with many years of experience in working with foreign and domestic companies in the field of business risk assessment and their impact on the protection of human rights and ecology, as well as improving these processes with companies, Mr. Uroš Samardžija.

During the presentation, Companies were given explanations related to the obligations brought by the new German Law on Due Diligence in supply chains, as well as how companies can prepare for possible requests that may come from important partners based on these laws.