Presentation of the Responsible Business Hub | Niš

Niš | May 18th, 2023 | 10 am | PKS-RPK Niš | Dobrička 2

With the intention to provide additional training for domestic suppliers, as well as their adaptation to new regulations and requirements, the team of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry from the new service center Responsible Business Hub (RBH) held a presentation on the topic of the new German law on due diligence in supply chains, as well as an overview of the activities of the new service center.

Together with the CCIS team, the presentation was held by a consultant with many years of experience in working with foreign and domestic companies in the field of business risk assessment and their impact on the protection of human rights and ecology, as well as improving these processes with companies, Mr. Uroš Samardžija.

The present companies had the opportunity to inform themselves of all the services that this new service center provides and to readily meet the new sustainable standards from the Law on Due Diligence in Supply Chains, improve competitiveness, sustainability, and capacity in the field of human rights protection and ecology.