Conference FU:TURIZAM 2023: Application of artificial intelligence in tourism

20th November 2023 | Belgrade

The first conference on the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of tourism in Serbia was held in Belgrade on November 20, and employees in this industry had the opportunity to learn about the concrete steps in the application of this technology and the possibilities of effective application in practice in order to improve their business . This event brought together over 250 participants who got a deeper insight into the future of tourism through the prism of artificial intelligence (AI).

The conference discussed the demystification of data, the purpose and limits of data processing in the tourism industry, the strategy for efficient collection, analysis and use of data, all with the aim of improving business.

Participants presented how AI can transform the way companies communicate with their users, creating deeper and richer connections with customers.

Those who were present had the opportunity to see what are the good practices and what are the experiences of introducing artificial intelligence in domestic hotels and travel agencies, get acquainted with existing AI solutions intended for the tourism industry, after which they also had the chance to visit the exhibitors' stands and find out how the implementation of such solutions can be beneficial for their businesses.

During the panel discussion on the topic "What are the possibilities of AI in reducing the carbon footprint", Responsible Business Hub spoke about the importance of sustainability in tourism and how the use of AI can help companies in tourism to operate sustainably, how important it is to reduce their carbon footprint and be more responsible towards the environment and the community.