Belgrade Auto-claster

Belgrade | 04. 04.2023.

During the month of April, was organized training and presentation of MHP (Porsche Consulting Company) within the Assembly of the Automotive Cluster of Serbia - AC Serbia. On this occasion, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry CCIS, presented its new service center - Responsible Business Hub.

The event was organized with the support of the German Organization for International Cooperation - GIZ.

During the presentation, the MHP company conveyed new and main trends from the automotive industry regarding digitalization, green technologies, sustainability, CO2 reduction, and also pointed to specific solutions that they encountered in practice.

Responsible Business Hub presented to the present companies from the automotive industry what the new German Law on Due Diligence in Supply Chains brings, how it affects them and their business activities, and how they can prepare for the new requirements that are coming from their  German customers.