Training for Compliance officers

October 2, 2023 | Beograd

At the beginning of this year, the Federal Republic of Germany began implementing its newly adopted Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, which requires German companies to take into account the state of labor rights in their own companies and also in companies that cooperate with them in the capacity of suppliers.

On October 2, the International Labor Organization (ILO) organized a one-day "Training for Compliance Officers" in Belgrade, during which the participants had the opportunity to learn more about Responsible Business Hub and what is expected of domestic companies in order to continue cooperation with German companies. During training, they had a chance to hear more about the importance of internal grievance procedures and why it is important to implement a good grievance mechanism within the company, and how to implement it. The importance of appointing the position of Compliance Officer within the company was especially highlighted.

All the necessary information you can find in the Manual on complaints mechanisms prepared by colleagues from the International Labor Organization.