IKEA sustainability tour

In search of experts for the climate solution, IKEA today launched a more active dialogue and exchange of ideas on sustainability topics and hosted representatives of the sustainability agenda in its companies and organizations.

We talked about things from energy to waste management and mapped some of the following:

  1. the transition to renewables needs to involve businesses and provide clear guidelines and regulations that can lead to a reasonable return on investment - we can't have a 150kV cap and a consumer process that takes more than 2 years
  2. energy efficiency must be measured by clear KPIs and agreed as a priority, but it also requires bottom-up work to ensure everyone understands why certain measures are being hidden
  3. The move to circular business models needs to be supported by legislation that rewards investment in waste management and supports sustainable business cases - we cannot have municipal waste taxes paid per m2 of property without accounting for the amount actually produced.
  4. legislation should be clear and easy to understand thus enabling companies to take action and be responsible
  5. cooperation is necessary in all sectors - business, civil society, the international community and the public sector