Assembly of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

At the Assembly Session of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, the ambassadors of the USA Christopher Hill, the European Union Emanuele Giaufret and Italy Luka Gori emphasized the importance of supporting the European integration of the Western Balkans. According to them, this region has enormous potential and natural resources, and joining the EU will bring new opportunities for prosperity and development. The Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry plays a key role in that process, providing support to domestic and regional economies.

"We are changing with the aim of helping both domestic and all economies in the region. We are becoming a modern center for the development of our and the regional economy. Without a clear vision and strategic partners, we will not be able to move forward quickly," said the president of PKS Marko Čadež in his address.

Marko Čadež emphasized today the importance of the existence of the Responsible Business Hub and the help we provide to exporters in meeting the requirements of the EU market due diligence in supply chains.